Cyanobacteria Marine Project

By: Katie, Charles, & Rita

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Functions - Cellular Envelope

Oscillin Layer~ Helps the cell with it's movement (gliding.)

S layer~ Helps with the growth, maintenance of cell, enzyme display, and interaction with the host and its immune system.

Outer Membrane~ Protects cell from a harsh environment on the outside.

Periplasmic Space~ It is the gel-like mix that is in the inner cytoplasmic membrane.

Peptidoglycan~ Helps maintain the shape of the cell and counter acts osmotic pressure of bacterial protoplast.

Inner Membrane~ Helps create more space so that it can perform cellular respiration.

Cytoplasm~ It is a jelly like liquid that helps keep all organelles in place.

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Functions - Inner Cell

Lipid Droplet~ A spherical droplet that is composed of lipids and proteins that is used to store fat.

Nucleoid~ Keeps hold of genetic information.

Protein Granule~ Grains of protein providing protein throughout the cell.

Ribosome~ Synthesizes protein chains from amino acid molecules.

Photosynthetic Lamellae~ A thin layer that helps the membrane strengthen it's structure.

Cyanosomes~ This is responsible for 95% of energy transfer.

Plasma Membrane~ Surrounds the entire cell that controls the movement of substances into and out of the cell.

Cell Wall~Helps with structural support, protection, and filtering.

Gelatinous Coat~ An exterior fibrin gel protecting the cel from injuries.