Michael J. Strand

Born on September 5,1946 still living


Michael Strand lives and works in Fargo, North Dakota as the Department Head and Professor of Art at North Dakota State University. North Dakota brought him to St. Cloud State University, where he recieved his BFA in ceramics in 1994 and his MA in painting in 1996. Michael then spent the next 13 years in Nebraska, where he got his degree at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. After Graduating from the University of Nebraska he went to Spain to the ceramic studio, and started to do work in Spain. Michael is the former Chair of the Department of Art at Concordia University-Nebraska where he also was the Director of the Center for Liturgical Arts in Seward Nebraska.He taught at Midland Lutheran College in Fremont Nebraska. He is very creative with his work, and his art work is all over the states, and even in New York. He loves working on the wheel, and I like his work because it is fun and unique I like the colors that he uses he has a wide variety. He uses simple colors but the way he puts them together makes his art work look really good.

Michael gets his ideas from nature, and everything around him

About Michael

Michael is a people person, he likes to deal with different types of work and helps people out. He is working with his NDSU students and he loves to teach different techniques and likes so show off his work, and help them become better artist.