Tobacco is not healthy

Tobacco project

Physical and Social consequences

Tobacco not only damages your lungs but it could also damage other parts of your body. Tobacco can cause: Nicotine addiction, tooth decay, gingivitis, bad breath, bad eating habits, damages tongue, jaw, lips, skin, mouth, teeth, throat, fingers. oral cancers, lung cancer.

When you smile and you have ugly teeth because you smoke people wont want to be around you because they're going think your teeth are ugly and wont talk to you, or people might not want to get near you because you probably smell like smoke. When you talk to someone you could have bad breath people don't want to smell your bad breath so they probably wont talk to you either. It can also cause you to get a cough and when people see you coughing they might not want to get "sick" so they might not hang around you that much anymore.

Dangers and affects of using tobacco

Dangers of using tobacco

There are a lot of dangers you are at risk to fall in if you smoke tobacco. You can get nicotine addiction or lung cancer if you smoke tobacco. Lung cancer can kill you and cause a lot of pain. Tobacco contains a chemical called Tar and that puts you at risk of getting many diseases. Using tobacco can end up killing you in any of the ways you use it. (smoke, chew and spit)


Nicotine reaches your brain within 10 seconds, and after only one cigarette you can get nicotine addiction and you wont be able to stop smoking/ using tobacco.

How nicotine interacts with the brain affects how you act and your behavior, When you have smoked a cigarette you do not think the right way and can do something that you might be regretting in the future.