The Longmore Learners

Week of April 11th

Jefferson City Field Trip

We had a great trip to Jefferson City on Thursday. A special thanks needs to go out not only to all parents, who got their students to school on time, picked them up and had them ready, but especially to those parents who chaperoned our trip. We could not do this trip without our chaperones, and thank you for keeping track of all the students, making some executive decisions when it decides to rain in the middle of lunch and riding the bus!

I do want to relay to you... We had 3 compliments during this trip that I wanted to pass on, because these compliments have nothing to do with me, but everything to do with how you are parenting your student. First of all, in docent at the Governor's Mansion stopped me before we left and said that we were one of the most interested and respectful groups she had led. During the afternoon, we had the good fortune to be asked to go on the House Chamber floor. It is only by special invitation that you can see the House Chamber from the House Floor. After we were done the Morgan (the intern that led us around), said that one of the clerks stopped him and said that this was THE quietest and most respectful school groups she had ever seen. Then as we got home, the bus driver stopped me and said that the group on the bus was one of the most respectful groups she has had.

I just thought I would share those compliments with you. I was very proud of them.

This Week In Math

We will take the Topic Test on Topic 13 on Monday. On Tuesday, we will jump to Topic 16. I believe it is geometry. We will have some days this week, where I will be teaching 2 lessons a day.

This Week In ELA

Read Aloud
The read aloud book for this unit is the City of Ember. The chapters are pretty long and we are having some difficulty getting through the book at the pace we are supposed to. I will read as much as I can as quickly as I can and still discuss the reading skills that we need to teach.

We will start a new Unit of Study this quarter. It is a science unit and it is based around energy. There are quite a few interesting labs during this unit as well. I feel these are important, so we will get to them. We will do the Solar Ovens (assuming the weather cooperates) this week. We talked about Energy last week, and we will be discussing the types of energy that can generate electricity this week.

We have finished flash drafting for 2 different opinion pieces. We will rotate classrooms on Monday and Tuesday morning to learn about 6 different energy types. This will be the research for the opinion piece this week. In addition, we will be writing a flash draft about an opinion piece that we did the graphic organizer on last week. After those flash drafts are complete, we will delve into our pieces in a little more detail.

Small Reading Groups

We finished our non-fiction energy books this past week. Once again, these students are pretty good at non-fiction reading. This week we will start our fiction book that will probably take us through the end of the year. We will have calendars in our packets, but we will be filling them in as we go.

Purple: Pie
Red: I Survived the Nazi Invasion of 1944.
Orange: Icefall (I read this over the weekend, and it is going to be challenging even though it is supposed to be at their level. I will be scaffolding quite a bit of the meanings until we get into the book a little)
Blue: Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe
Neon Green: Holes

Spelling Week 27

Suffix: -ment, -ure

-ment is a Latin suffix meaning “act of, state of, or result of an action” that changes the part of speech to a noun. Since it’s Latin it will have a root instead of a base word.

-ure is a Latin suffix meaning “in the act or condition of” that changes the part of speech to a noun. Since it’s Latin it will have a root instead of a base word; some letters originally silent may now be voiced and vise versa (ex. sign/signature and create/creature). ○Reminder: when a vowel suffix is added the e is dropped from a base word. When a consonant suffix is added the e remains on the base word.

All of these words have roots - or bound morphemes - which cannot stand alone. They have to have prefixes or suffixes added to them. Here's a list of the spelling word and the root. measurement - meteramusement - museexperiment - peritournament – tornenvironment - environamendment - menda or mendumlegislature - legcreature - creapleasure - plaisirexposure - pos

measurement, amusement, experiment, tournament, environment, amendment, legislature, creature, pleasure, exposure

Weekly Calendar

Monday, April 11th
Day 3 - Music - don't forget your recorder and binder
Topic 13 Math Test
Rotations for Energy Types

Tuesday, April 12th
Day 1 - Art
Maker Space Day
Energy Quiz
Rotations for Energy Types

Wednesday, April 13th
Day 2 - Gym
Birthday celebrations in the Cafe, please do not plan on having lunch with your student on this day.

Thursday, April 14th
Day 3 - Music - don't forget your recorder and binder
Multiplication Test

Friday, April 15th

Day 1 - Art
Dictation Sentences today
Update Data Binders

Saturday, April 16th
Spring Fling Carnival 10-2

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