Prostate Cancer

By: Marcus Reihman


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A disease where cells in the prostate become abnormal and grow uncontrollably forming a tumor.


Frequent Urination (at night mostly), blood in urine or semen, a weak or interrupted stream, and inability to urinate standing up.


Age is a risk, the older you get the higher your risk is. Genetics is also a major factor. It is more common in African-Americans than caucasians. Obesity increases your risk for prostate cancer as does gonorrhea. Smoking increases your risk for prostate cancer as well.


Brachytherapy is when radioactive seeds are planted into the prostate. Radical Prostatectomy is when the prostate is surgically removed (not common). Conformal Radiotherapy is where radiation is directed at that prostate to kill the cancer cells (tries to minimize healthy cell impact).


There are no major ways to avoid prostate cancer that are under your control as you obviously can't control your genetics or aging, but there are a few things that can help. Statins (cholesterol medicine) can help lower your chances. A mediterranean diet helps reduce the chance of prostate cancer. Get plenty of vitamin D, a lack of it raises cost.


Prostate cancer is diagnosed (most of the time) by prostate specific antigen testing. There are no symptoms in early stages so this test is done if symptoms are detected. Getting a regular screening of the prostate is recommended for men over 50.


About 238,000 cases of prostate cancer are projected to be diagnosed in 2013, as well as slightly under 30,000 deaths. About 1 in 6 men are diagnosed with it sometime in there lifetime and average age of diagnosis is 67.
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