Tuesday Tech Tips

"Tuesday", Nov 29

Sometimes when you're navigating a website you want to get around quickly without having to keep going back and forth between the keyboard and the mouse. Here are some tips to help your speed and efficiency

Home & End Keys

Two handy little keys that are used frequently in word processing are Home and End. These keys move your cursor to the beginning and end of each line of text in a word processing document or in text boxes in any application.

However they are also useful when looking at websites. Sometimes as we read a long article or comments on a website we are scrolling slowly down as we read but it can be annoying to have to scroll all the way back up. Pressing the Home key on your keyboard automatically takes you back to the top in one keystroke! And conversely, the End key takes you to the bottom of a website.

Tab & Shift+Tab

Sometimes filling out forms online whether it's a Google Form or an order form on a website can get cumbersome if you constantly have to type and then click to the next box over and over. The Tab key is here to save the day! Once you click in a text field and type your entry, you can press the Tab key to automatically move to the next box without even having to touch the mouse! Shift+Tab moves you back up to a previous box.
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I hope these tips will help make your day to day life a little easier! Let me know if you have any questions or need help!

-Katie Heywood