Isaac Michener

What you need to know about Isaac

The begining

I was born 6/22/2006. I was a unique little fellow back then and I still am! I've changed since I was little and had some twists and turns but some things are still the same.

My Top Five List

Here is a list of what you need to know about me.

1.I love playing the best sport ever... SOCCER!!!!

2.Italy is my favorite country.

3.My favorite book is Among the Hidden.

4.Math is my favorite school subject.

5.Winter songs are my favorite, like White Christmas.

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Field Day

Wednesday, May 11th, 9pm

3301 Shroyer Road

Kettering, OH

Every year at Fairmont High School we have Field Day. On Field Day for Orchard Park we face Greenmont and Beavertown in the events. I won the punt, both Tug of Wars, and got second place in the 40yd relay. It was one of the best experiences I ever had.

Who I Am

I'm a little peppy unique fellow who likes to learn, play soccer, have challenges, and have even more challenges. I've loved to have challenges all my life, I hope fifth grade has lots of challenges like fourth grade did.

I Don't know what to say,so....... bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!