info about computer parts.....


The CPU is reponsible for handling all instructions is receives form hardwares and soft ware running on the computer. CPU stands for central processing unit...


Drvies means a small program that enables a computer and device to communicate with each other. comeputer operating sytems usally comes withy 'pre installed' device drivers for the current models of the popular devices..


A computer monitor or a display is an electronic visual display for computers.


(random access momery) RAM is something u store something on and it will be kept safe..
Build a Computer Part IV: Processor and RAM
Tutorial on How to Build a Computer: Central Processing Unit, CPU (Intel Core i7 3770K 3.5 GHz)
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Gold platinum and palladium recovery from computer hard drives


The motherboard is printed circuit board that is the foundation of a computer and allows the CPU, RAM,and all other computer hardware components to function and communicate with each other.

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