Hermia's Playlist

The Chaos and Hermia

Theme: Love isn't a constant thing. Hate isn't either.

In A Midsummer Night's dream, Hermia is a beautiful woman in love with Lysander. However, Egeus, her father, dislikes of their love and requires Hermia to marry a man named Demetrius; a relationship Hermia disproves of. Thus, Hermia and Lysander run away into the woods because they love each other very much. Then, a magical spell is put on Lysander that forces him to love Hermia's childhood friend, Helena. Demetrius, who followed Lysander and Hermia into the woods, was also put under the spell and fell for Helena, who he hated beforehand. Helena, not used to this much attention, turns against Hermia and accuses her of plotting this to make her feel bad. Hermia, mad at Helena for stealing Lysander from her, begins to yell at Helena plunging their friendship into darkness. This loving group before peaceful, now is in complete and utter chaos. But that doesn't last either. The spells are reversed and the entire group decides that the entire adventure in the woods was a dream and they couple off and live a happy life. But who knows for how long.
Four Seasons (Spring)

The Four Seasons - Spring in E major, RV. 269: 1. Allegro by Antonio Vivaldi

I chose this song to be at the very beginning because at the very beginning, Hermia is pleading to Theseus about Hermia and Lysander's case. Hermia loves Lysander but her dad doesn't think Lysander is worthy enough. I think this song fits how Hermia is feeling and how she is pleading to Theseus. This song had ups and downs. It starts off fast and loud and in a Major key. It shows how Hermia is hopeful that she can change Theseus' and her dad's mind about Lysander. and it starts to get quieter as she loses confidence. and then it gets airy and soft as she realizes that there is no hope. Then it gets a little louder for just a moment but then diminishes again. And then, the tone changes into loud, aggressive just like Hermia because she can't marry Lysander. After the rage, is goes soft, and down just like Hermia because after all her attempts, Her father won't let her marry Lysander.
Miley Cyrus - The Climb - Official Music Video (HQ)

The Climb by Miley Cyrus

I think this song fits Hermia when she plans to run away with Lysander. The song starts off with "I can almost see it, the dream I'm dreaming" That dream that it's talking about is that she can e with Lysander without her father blocking her way. And after that, the voice in her head is her dad, telling her that she can't do it. The song also says, "There's always gonna be another mountain." This shows that she knows that, her dad isn't the only thing that she will have to overcome when she runs away. And then it says "I'm always gonna want to make it move." Showing that she won't let the problems yet to come block her path.
Cody Simpson - 'La Da Dee' Music Video for CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS 2

La Da Dee by Cody Simpson

I chose this song to relate to Hermia when she is running away with Lysander. I think, not only do the words fit how she is feeling, I think the tune also fits. Is very upbeat because Hermia is very happy that she can finally marry the man of her dreams that was restricted from her by her father. The Lyrics also sometimes fit what Hermia is feeling. the "Others" would be Demetrius and then it says "you're the only one on my mind" who would be Demetrius. And then it says "There's only me, there's only you" which is true because they ran away to be together alone.
Ferry Corsten Ft. Jenny Wahlström "Many Ways" (US Radio Edit)

Many Ways by Ferry Corston and Jenny Wahlström

This song seemed fitting when Hermia wakes up and finds out Lysander had disappeared to follow Helena. She then finds Lysander and Demetrius fighting over Helena. That is when the lyrics say "Back when it was just you and I." That referrers to when only it was only Hermia and Lysander in the woods, and now all of them are there. And then the song says "Now I wonder where did it go. But it's alright." This is like Hermia because in the book, she still hasn't quite wrapped her head around the situation and thinks it can still be reversed. That is reflected when the song says "There are many ways to change your life" and I think that could be directed at Lysander because she wants him to love her again.
Bring Me The Horizon - True Friends (Official Lyric Video)

True Friends by Bring Me the Horizon

Right off the bat, the song sounds a lot more intense than the last one even though, chronologically, these songs are quite close together. Hermia, had just been called many insults from Lysander. Lysander had been calling her names and such because under the spell, he now loves Helena and wants Hermia to go away. Hermia suddenly very agitated from from Lysander's sudden behavior, becomes mad. This song has lots of lyrics that relates to Hermia's feelings very well so that's why I think this is a perfect fit for the situation.
Mendelssohn / String Symphony No. 1 in C major

String Symphony No. 1 in C major by Mendelssohn (Start at 4:33)

I think this song fit Hermia's feelings when she begins to break under all the insults Lysander threw at her. In many parts (In the second movement from 4:33 to 8:16), between the first violins, second violins and cellos, they all cry out just like Hermia. If you listened to the entire song, it also fits Hermia's feelings before and after Lysander's love for Helena. The first movement is bright and happy, like Hermia when they ran away together. Then in the third and last movement, it is very bright and lively just like Hermia when she gets to marry Lysander. That is why I thought this song fits perfectly with the book.
"Your Fault" - Into The Woods (1991)

Your Fault from Into the Woods

The reason I chose this song wasn't mainly because of the lyrics. But for of the rhythm and the fact that all of them are accusing each other just like Hermia and Helena are both blaming each other about the boys' behavior. The rhythm was fast paced and aggressive, two words I would use to describe Hermia and Helena's argument. They start arguing because, Hermia can't take anymore of lysander's insults and immediately turns against Helena, who then calls her a puppet, that agitates Hermia even more. This is represented in the song by starting off as just an argument, and then ramps up. That's why I decided that this would be a perfect fit for the situation.
Tiesto - Red Lights (Lyrics) 1080

Red Lights by Tiesto

I thought this would be a good representation of how she feels after they wake up from their "dream". The first line in the song is "blacked out". This makes sense because they believed that all that happened is that they passed out and all had the same dream. and it then says, "So close, that I can taste it now". This can be interpreted as that elusive marriage Hermia wanted since the beginning, and she can now finally marry Lysander. Another reason I chose this song is because of the chorus, "We could just run them red lights". I think the red lights could symbolize the obstacles that Hermia and Lysander will face in the future, but won't be stopped, because now they're together.