Kickapoo High School

Engaging. Relevant. Personal. 11-19-15


  1. The Golden Girls were asked to perform at the football game at Christian Brothers. We are all excited for them!
  2. Veterans Day Assembly - Cabinet
  3. The Journalism classes just returned from the annual Journalism Education Convention which was held in Orlando. Two students brought home National Awards. Senior Editor in Chief Lauren Stockam received a National Honorable Mention for her yearbook page design. And Senior Kenia Rivas received a National Superior ranking for her photography. Only two Superiors in photography were awarded out of thousands of enties from around the country. Congratulations!!!!
  4. Danielle Romay is a great teacher who is always willing to help out her colleagues. She also doing a great job with Poetry Out Loud!
  5. Sometimes we get all wrapped up in being busy and worrying about the negative things. But, wow, after I take a look at all our accomplishments as students and staff listed out I feel my heart swell with pride. I am proud to be a chief!
  6. Mrs. Mcdonald is a great new addition to KHS! I really appreciate her positive and helpful attitude!
  7. Staff and Administration, As the Fall sports season comes to a close, I would like to take the opportunity to thank my staff who selll and take the tickets at the events and the crew who work the stats booth and tables. Also a HUGE thanks to the administration who work to make these events possible. Without their leadership and support, our jobs would be very much harder. We will see you all back in December for out Winter season.
  8. Lori Riemenschneider's PBL honoring veterans was outstanding.
  9. 12-1 Football Team - Final Four! Great season full of awesome memories.
  10. Rick Snyder and Shannon McDonald - Great PL day.
  11. Classroom Observations - Positive feedback from staff. We have so many amazing teachers and we can all learn from each other.

Kickapoo High School - Canvas Levels of Implementation

Below are three levels of Canvas implementation for you to set a personal goal to obtain for the 16-17 school year. The minimum expectation is that all teachers will be at a Level 1 to start the year.

Level 1:

  • Create announcements
  • Customize their “Course” menu dropdown
  • Setup their notification preferences
  • Add events to their course calendar
  • Assign students to groups
  • Start discussions
  • Change their password

Level 2 (can perform all of the Level 1 tasks plus):

  • Create a new page
  • Create a hyperlink in the Rich Content Editor (RCE)
  • Move and organize files
  • Insert images into the RCE
  • Upload a video using the RCE
  • Link to a YouTube video
  • Create a survey
  • View survey results

Level 3 (can perform all of the Level 1 and Level 2 tasks plus):

  • Create assignments
  • Use Canvas Commons
  • Create a conference
  • Embed a Google Doc into the RCE
  • Use SpeedGrader
  • Record a video using the RCE

Making Learning Engaging, Relevant, and Personal for all students with Canvas

Learning Management System - Canvas

  • Canvas allows for an online portal to share content with students. Parents can also view this content.
  • Students need to be prepared to access a Learning Management System in college or for on-the-job training. Canvas gives students this valuable experience in high school.
  • Blended Learning opportunities, like those available in Canvas, promote responsibility for students and allow for flexible, personalized learning options.
  • Students who are absent, need to review content or are out of class for sports, debate, etc. will not miss class content if it is also available online.

Link to a video showing how Canvas supports a 1:1 initiative:

Below is a direct link to Canvas and two introductory videos to help new users gain a better understanding of how Canvas can help make learning more Engaging, Relevant, and Personal.

Tech Tool of the Week - Chrome Apps

Chrome Apps are web “app”lications that are basically websites. They run within the web browser and can be accessed with any devices that has a web browser.

Examples of Chrome Apps are Google Docs, Google Sheet, and Google Slides.

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Chrome Web Store - What's a web app?
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