Study Skills

learn how to study

Manage your time

  • Make a weekly schedule and devote a certain amount of time for studying everyday.
  • Study in 20 - 30 minute chunks for studying.
  • Take 5-10 minute breaks
  • Do a few exercises to keep you alert and active

Find a quiet and comfortable spot to study

  • No t.v on
  • can listen to music ( chose classical or non lyrical music)

Clear your mind......

It is a good idea to clear your mind if you are thinking about other things such as did i do my chores..... will get you distracted from studying.

Snack smart....

Helps keep your brain active to keep on going to keep on studying. Avoid any snacks or drinks that will give you a rush of energy.

Rewrite your notes at home.

Rewrite your notes as soon after the class as possible, while the material is fresh in your mind so that you can fill in any gaps completely from memory.

Learn the most important facts first.

Don't just read the material from beginning to end, stopping to memorize each new fact as you come to it.

Make flash cards.

Keep quizzing yourself until you get all the answers right reliably. you can quiz yourself on later by covering the notes and trying to remember what you wrote based on seeing only the keyword.

Make associations.

The most effective way to retain information is to "tie" it to existing information that's already lodged in your mind.

Make a study group.

Get some friends together friends who are actually interested in studying, that is and have everyone bring over their flash cards.