Between the Bookends

Happenings in the PES Media Center - June 2015

This Month in the Media Center...

The last day to return books has come and gone! I will be sending out notices for students to take home for any book that is still missing. Student accounts were cleared in January of any missing book or outstanding fine so its important we get our books back before school is out!

Remember you can send up anything to the library you have ready to turn in for end of year check-in throughout the next two weeks!

Book Fair was a SUCCESS!

  • We sold $1700 in scholastic book fair merchandise in just FOUR days!
  • Our school earned a $600 scholastic credit to use for new library books!
  • Thank you to everyone for taking the time our of our day to allow students to visit the book fair.

Library Collection Survey

PLEASE fill out the survey below to let me know what kind of books you would like to see bought with our book fair credit. We've had 7 responses so far and I would love input from the entire staff!

Wrapping up the year...

Below are two ideas you may be able to use as you wrap up the school year next week!

  • Have students write a letter to students who will be in your class next year or to their next teacher. See more details here.
  • Create a class ABC memory book filled with memories of events, field trips and knowledge students have learned throughout the year. See more details here.

Inspiration from Kid President

Our students may not be graduating from high school but they are all moving onto a new chapter in their lives. Here is a little inspiration for them from Kid President!
Dear Graduates - A Message From Kid President

Media Center Schedule

Days 4, 5, 6, 7

Before school: Open check-out

8:00-11:10: Media Classes

11:00-1:00: Remedial Groups

1:00-3:10: OPEN HOURS (For check-out and collaboration!)

Days 8, 1, 2, 3

Before school: Open check-out

8:00-11:00: OPEN HOUR (For check-out and collaboration!)

11:00-1:00: Remedial Groups

1:00-3:10: OPEN HOURS (For check-out and collaboration!)