By Miron Chamoun

Why was Ned Kelly the most Notorious Bushranger?

He was the most notorious because he was the hardest to kill wih his inpenatrable armour, made of leather and iron bolts. Another reason why he was the most notorious bushranger was because he shot 3 police officers until they passed away and he was accused of doing grotesc things to the bodies. He started his career by riding a horse on the foot path while pickpoketing unsuspecting citizens. Ned Kelly also started the Kelly gang which fought and killed police and robbed banks with corrupted officers.

What part of Australia did they operate in?

The name 'Bushranger' comes from Australia so they operate in all parts of Australia. Ned Kellies gang operated in Victoria. Ned Kellies' last raid was in Glenrowan. Bushrangers also operated in New South Wales. People like Martin Cash also operated in Victoria.

Why did they become bushrangers?

they are bushrangers because they were bolters ( escaped convicts, and also because the government, they didnt provide supplies so for example the lack of food and water.

Were bushrangers always bad?

The answer is no. Because in fact they are bushrangers for a reason... the government. The government back then was corrupted. Ned Kelly became a bushranger because his sister was harrassed by the government. Also when ever bushrangers commit a raid they do not kill a human being. They just steal the items for survival. Different bushranger eccluding Ned Kelly were bolters.

When was the bushranging era?

The bushranging era was started in 1790 to 1880.

What did bushrangers do?

Bushrangers attacked banks, carriages, pubs (club) and many more! Somtimes they would shoot police if they got in their way, and also threatened whole towns! and their runaway hideout was obviously in the bush.