Vietnam War

Darshan Sangani

Background Information

Vietnam War was a cold war that occurred in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia from 1 November 1955 to the fall of Saigon on 30 April 1975. In the late 1950's, during the Eisenhower administration, Vietnam had split into North Vietnam and South Vietnam. North Vietnam after being divided went under communism shelter of China, Soviet Union, and other communist allies. While the South Vietnam resisted to go under communism and was supported by United States, Philippines and other anti-communist allies. North Vietnam was forcefully trying to capture South Vietnam and declared war against South Vietnam.

Perspective #1

United States got involved into Vietnam War because it feared that if South Vietnam felled under communism than slowly the whole Southeast Asia would fall under communism according to dominoes theory. United States government viewed its involvement into the war as mainly to prevent Communist to takeover South Vietnam. This was part of wider containment policy, with the aim to stop the spread of communism. United States troops fought very bravely and many of them were died for their country. Although, United States wasn't able to prevent South Vietnam from falling into North Vietnam hands there were many other outcomes that benefited the US and its Citizens indirectly. Two most important outcome of the war was that it ended the draft system and right to vote age was lowered to 18 years.
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Perspective #2

United States government made a huge mistake by getting involved in Vietnam War, just by believing into certain policy and theory our policymakers and government officials made an assumption that if United States didn't join the war communism would spread around Southeast Asia. Well, at the end of the day when United States forfeit from the war, South Vietnam eventually ended into North Vietnamese hand's and was taken under into communism shelter. While the dominoes theory as our policymakers believed to turn wasn't true at all. A war for nothing which killed more than 1.5 Vietnamese troops, more than 58,000 American troops were killed, more than 150,000 wounded badly, and 2000 went missing during the action. All this lost without gaining what we initially wanted and for what we got involved into. Vietnam War was a shameful lost marked into United States history.
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Media Bias

Initially when the war was started United States media only covered the news regarding the spread of communism. After that when the actual war started killing thousands and thousands of troops every day, media switched the coverage to anti-war protest going on in united states. Sometime later during 1964's some media coverage from South Vietnam lead the American's known about how bad the war is turning out to be. Soldiers didn't have any idea about what is going on back in the country. Media was the main source of information for both common people politicians regarding war. When South Vietnamese media send the coverage regarding war it lead US media to take the coverage of all actual war news, which made the protest more fierce and forced politicians to call back the troops. US media didn't clearly portrayed the actual scenario of war as it changed it focus to anti-war movements.
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Historical Criticism

United States involvement in Vietnam war was basically because of a wrong decision made by policy makers by believing on our historian and their created policies. They believed that according to dominoes theory the whole Southeast Asia would fall under communism if they didn't prevent South Vietnam from being captured by North Vietnam. The theory actually never worked it was just an assumption made by our policy makers which lead us lose some of our great soldiers and million other lives of Vietnamese people. People of United States also treated the Vietnam veterans very bad after they returned from the war, they thought that they were cruel for killing millions of people in Vietnam, although they didn't knew the truth that they were just following the orders given by their seniors.

Feminist Criticism

War always has no place for woman's, only man are allowed to fight in the field and do all the great work for nation. Although what nation never appreciated is the efforts that are being put by woman to make this world better. During war when soldiers where injured and sick, nurses (Woman's) always take care of them and try to make them feel better. No one ever talked about that effort of woman's that where being put during war. Also the voice of woman is never heard which would even try to make them see how good they have done. No one would ever care about such woman's as they are no match for men.
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