Separate 9th Grade Campus

By: Reid Zaworski

Why we should have a separate campus

With more people in the school the hallways are packed with students, especially in the main hall. Some people are late to class because they can't get to their class because of how many people are in their way. Being late could get you a detention. With less students you don't have to worry as much about being late and getting a detention.

How this could happen

The school can build a separate campus somewhere in Coppell that the incoming freshman go instead of the main high school. With a separate campus the main school won't be as crowded and kids will be able to move more freely through the school.

When This will happen

This will be something that won't be done quickly, it will take a long time to finalize and finish. The new campus could be built in about 2-3 years, so our class will most likely not be affected by this change, but for a city that is growing a separate campus for the freshman might be needed.

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