Who Started the War of 1812

Was it the American's, the British, or both?

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The British Steal American Ships

One day the American's went for a boat ride, little did they know the British were out for a boat ride too, but they were out to do a little more than just ride. They were out to capture boats. The American's were singing "LALALA" until the British crashed right into the side of their ships. The British became Captain Jack Sparrow and jumped on the American's ships, they put bags over the American's heads and kidnapped them. Then they took over 400 of the American's ships for themselves and kept the American's too.

American's Elect James Madison, will there be War?

During the election in 1812, the American's voted James Madison for president but because they don't make good decisions using their pre-frontal cortex, they just had to antagonise the British. The American's wanted war between them and the British but being smart the British didn't want to fight.

American's Restict British Trade

Thomas Jefferson didn't want to declare war so he asked to pass a bill that would stop all foreign trade, and then congress passed the embargo act which did not allow for American ships from going to ports out of the country. This hurt the American's more than any other country and because of this the American's lost valuable markets, and some people lost money so that forced people to violate the law. When they would tell people they are going somewhere they weren't actually going and caused a lot of problems. So, in 1808 during the election when James Madison became president the law was gone but he wanted to make a law that allowed American's to trade with anyone but the French and British. This gave the American's an advantage which the British didn't like.

Who I Think Caused the War of 1812

I think that both the American's and the British caused the war of 1812 because both of them did things to get the other mad and upset. Also I think that because the American's could trade to all of the other countries except France and Britain, and when they elected James Madison they wanted to have war I think that that caused the American's to have a little more in starting the war. But the British also did some things like capturing the ships and sailors that caused the American's to not want to trade with them, and they also wanted to fight when the French declared war where the American's wanted to stay nuetral which kind of showed that they were desperate and couldn't talk it out they had to fight. Because of some of these reasons and more I believe that both the American's and British started the war of 1812.
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