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One of the things Area Education Agencies have tried to do via Iowa AEA Online is provide instructional resources for both students and teachers. This year, Iowa AEA Online has added a new resource, TeachingBooks.net. TeachingBooks.net has an abundance of resources teachers can use with students to deepen their interest in reading and in children's and young adult books. Nick Glass, creator of TeachingBooks.net, has produced original author interview movies filmed in author's homes and studios. He has also linked to other sites that include author interviews. In addition, the site includes book guides, book readings, links to personal author and illustrator websites, thematic booklists, and curriculum integration ideas. TeachingBooks.net has ideas for using reading books with the Common Core as well as ideas for using Iowa Award winning books. TeachingBooks.net can be accessed by going to the Iowa AEA Online page. Use the same username and password as you do for other Iowa AEA Online resources.

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