Princess Atalanta

By Alexa D. and Mallory B.

Princess Atalanta


In ancient Greece, the gods control every life, from peasant to King. When newborn Princess Atalanta is left to die on a mountainside because her father wanted a son, the gods send a bear to care for her. Adopted by a woodsman, she grows into a great hunter and athlete, and is eventually reunited with her father, the King. But as she gets older, Atalanta has no use for the gods and gives them no credit. When she must run the most important race of her life, on which her future happiness rides, the gods intercede once more, and Atalanta learns they will not be ignored forever.

Princess Atalanta Family Tree:

Arcas + ? ? + Hyperphas
| |
| |
Lycusgus + ? Minyas + Eurynassa
| |
| |
Iasus + Clymene
Melanion + Atalanta

Justin Bieber & Princess Atalanta - Interview:

Justin Bieber: Hello Atalanta!

Atalanta: HELLO JUSTIN!!!

Justin Bieber: Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Atalanta: I am a famous huntress and I'm a favorite of the goddess Artemis.

Justin Bieber: Introduce me some of your family members?

Atalanta: Some of my family members are my father Iasos, my mother Clymene, and my sister Melanion.

Justin Bieber: Cool! Now, What are some of your hobbies?

Atalanta: I like to do a lot of things, but i love to hunt.

Justin Bieber: Interesting! Where were you born?

Atalanta: I was born a hill actually.

Justin Bieber: What achievements are you famous for?

Atalanta: Some achievements I am famous for are going on one of the first boar hunts.

Justin Bieber: Is it so that you were raised by hunters and not your father?

Atalanta: Yes that is true.

Justin BIeber: Who is it that you ended up marrying?

Atalanta: I could only marry a man that could outrun me and my terrific speed.

Justin Bieber: Interesting. Anything else you would like to tell me?

Atalanta: Sorry Justin i think i have to go. i have a boar to catch.

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