Boer War

By: Cayden, Ashleen, Melissa, Dawson, Olin

Dates and Background Information

The Boer War was started in 1880-1 and 1899-1902 and it was between the British and the Boers (Dutch Settlers). The reason the war was started was because The British took over the Boer capital, Pretoria, in 1900.
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At War

The Boers only had 88,000 soldiers and they were led by Louis Botha, Jan Smuts.

However, the Boer war was given the name to the South African wars 1880-1 and then 1899-1902. The Boers were able to successfully besiege the British garrisons, at Ladysmith and Mafeking, then Kimberley. The Boers were under the leadership of Paul Kruger.

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The Winner

The British won the war because their soldiers and armory were superior to the settlers. The British were prepared with horses, rifles, and 50 rounds of ammunition and enough food to last 8 days.
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After The War

After the war there were concentration camps where people from war were held captive and beaten.
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