Independence High School

2022-2023 Week 2 Updates

Principal's Letter

SIXER Family,

Today we start our second week of the 2022-2023 school year. Last week, our campus was again filled with the positive energy of active students. After the first day, students were able to quickly learn their way around campus, find their classes, and adjust to our new bell schedule. Please check your student's schedules. On Thursdays, if they have an open 1st period and need to be on campus before 3rd period, our school Library is open and supervised.

Our Goodwill ASSETs program has started again with our before and after-school conditioning program. This is an excellent option if your student wants to be on-site early and get a supervised workout. Additional offerings will be added soon.

While it is early in the year, now is a great time to set up your Canvas account to view your student's grades and communicate with their teachers. Instructions on that process are included below.

We are looking forward to another exciting week. Monday and Tuesday at Picture day through English classes, and our safety team will visit math classes later in the week to discuss campus behavioral expectations.

Thanks to everyone for your patience as we navigate our new bell schedule with traffic flows. We have been in contact with the city about adjusting the timing of the traffic lights on North Jackson Avenue. We will be installing additional cones and signs to help with traffic control. Additionally, there has been an SJPD presence in the mornings around campus to help build community and support traffic. We, as a district, continue to have a relationship with SJPD.

Safety and Attendance

Schools in California are funded on a system of ADA (Average Daily Attendance). When your student is absent all day for any reason, our school district cannot receive funding for your child.

Because school attendance is mandatory, multiple cases of unexcused absences are reported to the School Attendance Review Board and ultimately to the Santa Clara County District Attorney. Students who use school time to take family vacations not only take funds away from our school but can also be cited for truancy.

If you know your student will be absent, please phone or e-mail the student's Attendance Secretary to report the absence and request work from the teachers.

The IHS Attendance Office is located in N-01

Attendance Secretary

Naicila Vidal ( - 408.928.9521

Student Last Name A - L

Diana Castillo ( - 408-928-9552

Student Last Name M - Z

Thao Pham ( - 408.928.9542
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Positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) is an approach schools use to promote school safety and good behavior. Schools that effectively implement PBIS demonstrate:

  • Increased student connection to the school community.

  • Increased instructional time

  • Up to 50% reduction in office referral rates per year

  • Reduction in overall exclusionary discipline

  • More consistent attendance

  • Higher academic achievement

  • Improved overall school climate

Activities Updates

Student Pictures. Monday, 8/15, & Tuesday, 8/16.

All students will be photographed according to their scheduled day in their English Class. ALL students must have their pictures taken for Student ID Cards, school transcript profiles, and the yearbook.

Purchasing photos is optional. Parents, guardians, and students, who want to purchase photos, must complete the picture order form sent home with students (also attached). Bring the completed form and payment back to the school and deliver it directly to the photographer.

Please remember, these are legal IDs and need to allow students to be identifiable:

- Students may not wear clothing that references drugs, alcohol, and/or sexual wording/images.

- Chests and shoulders should be covered

- Obstructions, such as hoods, masks, sunglasses, some styles of colored contacts, and wigs (unless due to medical conditions), are not permitted in the photo.

Students found in violation of the clothing rules will be permitted to borrow a school-provided tank top or t-shirt for the photo.

Student Government Elections: Freshmen Class Office (ASB) & Freshmen Student Government (SGB) Representative

Freshmen interested in leading their 9th-grade class to greatness and victory this year, please apply for Class Office. Applications are currently being accepted for Class President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer! Candidates will participate in a forum, deliver a speech, and run a short publicity campaign. All freshmen will be invited to vote in a democratic election to determine the victors. Afterward, the winning candidates compile the rest of their team's Historians and Assembly Commissioner through a selective process of interviews. Elected and selected officers will have their course schedule immediately reviewed by their counselor to include the mandatory 5th Period Leadership Class.

Apply online for Freshman Class Office @

The deadline to apply is August 16th @ 11:59 pm.

Another opportunity to serve the school is to run for Student Governing Board Council. SGB is a council of 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grader students from every school in the district. They meet monthly at the District Office with the Superintendent and the School Board to discuss concerns specific to students and their campuses. So, IHS sends a senior, junior, sophomore, and freshman representative to meetings.

Apply online to be an IHS Freshman District Representative for Student Governing Board @

The deadline to apply is August 16th @ 11:59 pm.

Indy Athletics

Visit the IHS Athletics Website for up-to-date information about athletics! Follow us on Instagram: @indyathletics

Counseling Corner

1. After School Workshops and Grade Level in-class presentations: Coming Soon! (will share dates when available)

2. Counselors are working on large amounts of schedule change requests and granting when possible. Will still be working on these requests for the next couple of weeks. To submit a request, use the following link -

3. Balancing (necessary movement of classes) of classes happening soon in the next two weeks .

4. Together with counseling, Mr. Anthony Garcia is our 10,000 degrees specialist who assists, supports, and guides our students with financial aid, college, questions, and much more!

IHS Counseling Corner

Mental Health & Wellness Corner

Wellness center Instagram @indywellness76

Wellness center referral form:

Meet your Social Workers:

Tim Gale (he/him/they/them)

Ilse Ruiz (she/her/ella)

Calming Space Expectations:

Students may visit the Calming Space for 15 minutes during class time. The space is designed for students to self-regulate if they are experiencing stress or anxiety in class. Students must check in with their teacher and request a pass. When students are ready to return to class, a social worker or intern will sign a pass for them to go back to class.

Temporary Closures

8/11-9/12: M,Tu,Th,F: Closed 11:30-12:30 W: Closed 11:30-1:30

Parent Community Involvement Specialist Updates

Welcome Sixers Family! I am Maggie Rodriguez, your PCIS (Parent Community Involvement Specialist). For any questions or concerns please contact me via email or phone 408.928.9541. Please ensure we have your email so you are able to receive Parent Meetings and school updates. Please complete the Parent Survey by using this link to get your feedback regarding Parent Workshops.
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