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Mrs. Leidig's Learners - a Weekly Newsletter

A few of the skills we'll be learning this week:

MTSS (Reading Switches): This week, my group will be studying the "ou/ow" sound in words like "cloud" and "wow".

Handwriting: Students will draw and write about their Spring Break experiences. I hope you had a great one! I know we did. :) We are also learning about wind this week, so students will write about "what they would do/where they would go if they were a kite in the wind", as well as a completing a "how-to" for building a kite.

Daily 5/Guided Reading: This week, I will be re-testing students' words per minute scores on fluency passages. It's neat to see their reading confidence grow as they learn each new phonics skill. Students should also be bringing home nightly books that are at their higher reading level - by the end of May, the goal is to have each student as close as possible to level J. This would be a 2nd grade reading level.

Phonics: Sight words - Students are improving at "chunking" longer words into manageable parts. As you're studying these nightly, it's still a good idea to scan the list first and preview digraphs (sh/th/wh/ch) and rules (vowel teams: ea/ai, etc.) before reading. If your child is working on the the phrases, it's a great idea to time them on the list and then reread and retime to check for memory and smoothness. If your child is working on spelling the sight word lists, a strategy students are familiar with is "say/spell/say". This strategy is a great way to practice those words. If the word is "picture", students would say "picture, p-i-c-t-u-r-e, picture".

Nightly books - This is the last full week for reading minutes towards Book-It. March is the last month to earn certificates, but we will still read through the last week of school.

Phonics Skill - Our skill this week is words containing the "ou/ow" sound.

Math: We will continue in our weekly math journals, as well as our "calendar math". We're working hard on more difficult math problems, such as 9+8. Students should split the 9 up into 8+1. Then the problem becomes 8+1+8, and they can add the 8+8 double (16) and then add 1 to get 17. We will also be delving into the meaning of the equal sign, as far as 5+5=7+3. Finally, we will go back to some addition and subtraction word problems. Addition timed tests are going well - to get quicker with these, students could work on things such as flashcards and/or math games online too!

Science/Social Studies: The focus this week is on wind - we will predict, test, and sort what things the wind will and won't move, make pinwheels, make kites for art, and learn about Kansas windmills.

Odds and Ends

Book Orders: Be on the watch for new ones!

Visitors: On Thursday of this week, we have the privilege of some FHSU visitors who will be doing a presentation on healthy choices.

We will also enjoy a presentation from First National Bank during math this week.

A Reason to Celebrate!

Turning into 2nd graders! The Thursday before Spring Break, we had our 1st grade "Read Out" - it was amazing to watch the kids enjoying books independently and doing well on comprehension AR tests. They sort of "grew up on me...." :)

Easter party: We will have our Easter party next Thursday, April 2nd from 12:30-1:15. Thank-you, room mothers, for all of your work to help the kids feel special and have a great time!

Have a great week!

LeAnn Leidig

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