Figurative Language

By: Bradly Davis


Definition: A phrase comparing two things without using like or as.

Example: You are my sunshine.


Definition: Giving an object that is not human, human traits.

Example: The stars danced playfully in the moonlit sky.


Definition: A group of words whose collective meaning is quite different from their individual, literal meaning

Example: You got up on the wrong side of the bed.


Definition: An extreme exaggeration

Example: My bag weighs a ton.


Definition: A play on words

Example: I got the moves like jaguar.

Short Story

Billy was a 9 year old kid that lived in Africa. He also has a very good imagination. One day, Billy ventures into the wilderness. He goes on many trips and discovers many things.

"Billy, come down here and pick up your stuff!" Mom said.

Little did mom know Billy left the house and was having a great time with a turtle he named him Bob. Billy sang to Bob, "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine." Billy and Bob eventually became best friends. Billy and Bob go to find a place to make a shelter for the night. They find a very good spot and spend the night in their makeshift beds they made of the forest that is a few yards away. The stars danced in the moonlit sky. Billy and Bob go to sleep almost right away. Billy has a dream about meeting a jaguar. It is a very funny jaguar and could talk and dance. The jaguar walks up to Billy and starts singing, "I got the moves like jaguar." He is also dancing to his singing. Billy starts laughing and so does the jaguar. Billy names the jaguar Joe. Then, Billy wakes up to something screaming in his ear. It is Bob screaming, "Billy! Billy! There is a jaguar staring at us." Then Billy realizes that the jaguar is Joe. Billy yells, "Hey Joe come on over!" The three friends decide to get some water because they are all very thirsty. They go to the pond and get a drink.

Back at the house, Mom is sending out a rescue squad and is worried to death about her son. But, she doesn't know that he is having the time of his life. The rescue squad searches the forest and spot Billy, Bob, and Joe at the pond. They think the jaguar isn't friendly so they pull out a rifle. They take a shot but miss. Billy turns around and screams as loud as can, "Stop! He's my friend and his name is Joe. Please don't shoot him." The rescue squad walks to the three best friends and the leader asks, "So your friends with a turtle and a jaguar?" "Yes." Billy says. "Well, let's take the three musketeers back to Billy's house. Everyone started laughing. The leader decides to carry Billy so he doesn't get hurt. "Oh my gosh, you weigh a ton!" The leader says. They finally get back to the house and Mom is very happy. She decides Billy can keep Bob and Joe. They all live happily ever after. THE END.