Your Child's Homework

The Importance of Parental Involvement

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Get Organized

Make sure your child, depending on their grade level, has the supplies they need to successfully complete their homework. Such as:

  • Pencils and pens
  • Markers, crayons, colored pencils
  • Notebooks/paper
  • English and Translation dictionary

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Create a Positive Learning Environment

If possible, ensure that your child has a designated homework area or a desk. Make sure that the area is organized, clean, and in a well-lit space. This will help your child concentrate.

Limit Distractions

If you have a computer available in your home, allow students to use it for research and schoolwork; check on them often to make sure they are staying on task.

Try and limit distractions in the home such as:

  • Phone calls
  • Television
  • Music
  • Video games

Get Into a Routine

Schedule a set time for homework every day, preferably before other activities. Keeping this routine will help your child get in the habit of doing their homework first.
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Get Involved In Any Language

Talk to child about the importance of homework. Being involved with your child's homework shows them that you care about their success. You should take the time each day to talk to your child about their homework even if it's in your native language. Doing so reminds your child that you are there to support them and help them in any way that you can. Even if you are unable to understand the homework assignment, always check that your child has completed the work. Be sure to recognize your child's accomplishments when completing an assignment.

Extra Assistance

  • Public libraries provide access to computers, books, magazines, educational movies... All of these things could be helpful to your child. Take advantage of them!
  • Find out if your child's school offers any after-school programs. The workers there are often available to help with homework during free-time.
  • Make sure you and your child are aware of teacher expectations. Talk to your child's teacher at the beginning of the year to ensure that your child is doing what is necessary to do well.

Homework is a big part of getting a great education for your ELL children! Parental involvement makes a big difference with student success. Children with involved parents tend to be more involved themselves, work harder, and go further with their education. Be the best influence that you can be for your children.