2014 Girl Scout Cookie Sale!

Girl Scout Troop #8387

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year . . .

It's Girl Scout cookie time again! This year, our troop is selling the "Super Six" varieties of cookies: Thin Mints, Tagalongs, Samoas, Trefoils, Do Si Dos + Savannah Smiles. Each box is $3.50.

We also are accepting orders for boxes of cookies that will be donated to "Advocates of Ozaukee," an agency that provides services + support for people who have experienced abuse of any kind. [You can select a number of boxes to donate; the agency can select the variety.]

If you are trying to avoid sweets or can't eat Girl Scout Cookies our troop is happy to accept a donation of any amount if you want to do that instead. [100% of your donation will go to our troop.]

Our Troop goal is to sell 1, 500 boxes of cookies!!!!

Our Super Six Cookies!

The Details

How to Order + Deadline + Delivery / Payment Info

Due to some "technical difficulties, we're running behind on distributing our sales pitch. Oops! We will take cookie orders via email or text thru noon on Sunday, January 19th. [We have to submit our complete order to our troop leader that night.]

Please use my mom's email (marycallen1@gmail.com) or send her a text message (cell phone: 630.479.6531) if you would like to place an order. She can also help answer any questions you have. You do NOT need to submit payment when you order.

We will pick up our cookie order on Sunday, February 16th and will complete our deliveries by Saturday, March 1st. If you order and we can't deliver them to you in person, we will arrange to mail/ship them to you at OUR cost. Payment is due upon receipt of your order. [We accept cash or checks. Checks should be made payable to "Girl Scouts of Manitou Council."]

Thank you!!!