World Geography Final Exam Review

Cold War

Te USA primotes a DEMOCRACY and capitalism. The USSR promotes communism and create satellite nations who struggle to industrialize and create their own economies.

European Union

Created to use supranational cooperation to work toward common goals. They have easy travel between borders and they have a common currency and common economy. People move into new countries because of free travel and currency.

Globalization is the development of a global, worldwide society and common economy. But many countries do not have labor laws where new factories are built, and people work long hours for little pay, diseases are spread, and there is child labor. It is helping with breaking down trade barriers, and better trading relationships with other countries.

The UN is created for international security and peace, friendly relationships, and promote economic development.


A province in India who has a large Muslim population. Pakistan believes it should be part of their country because they are predominantly Muslim as well. There is conflict over this, and they both believe that it is their own.

Middle East

In oil rich nations, the countries will go to war to ensure their oil supply, because it is the biggest part of their economies. But, this oil is NOT equally distributed, and these countries usually do not have as much money as the oil rich nations. Due to lack of fresh water and rivers, they have began to build desalination plants where they take ocean water and remove salt to make fresh and filtered water.

European Colonizations

The European colonization of Africa and South America still effects them today. When they split and divided Africa, the did not regard the people and set up their own trade and no infrastructure. They came to take natural resources, and not help set up governments or economies. Before the Europeans came, they had developed a good system of trade, but when the Europeans came and left all of this was over.

Economic Activities

Primary Activities: Raw Material such as plastic.

Secondary Activities: Manufacturing in factories.

Tertiary Activities: Business services such as law offices.

Quaternary Activities: Information Technology like education and research.