Filthy Foreigners Flood Our Cities!

A New Hoard Festers in the streets- the Poles

Within the week a movement has taken shape which should have more than a passing interest for the people of New England. Some 500 Poles have passed through New Haven bound North, many of them coming on the night boats to that city. It was learned that these people were bound for various sections in Connecticut and Massachusetts, and that the purpose of their coming was to till the land. They might find a welcome as farm hands, of which there is now a scarcity, but their ambition rises higher than that. As one of their number explained, in Poland, men; women and children worked in the fields and every one of them know how to make the smallest piece of land pay for itself. They had been informed that the abandoned farms of New England could be purchased on very cheap terms, and within the next three months thousands of Poles would leave their country for the United States.