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Challenges of Planning a Funeral

In the large majority of situations, most do not preplan funeral arrangements in advance of your loved one’s death causing much stress on surviving family members. Critical decisions need to be made, and usually in a timely manner. There are usually many funeral planning options to consider, and the funeral costs can add up to significantly more than previously anticipated When struggling to coping with loss, making the most efficient and rational decisions is not always an easy task. There are often family members who are emotionally incapable of making many of key decisions given such an emotional and challenging situation. There may be family members who prefer to take control of these details, even though they may not be the appropriate person in many situations. There are usually multiple family members and loved ones involved, which often times can lead to disagreements given the added stress and emotions. When dealing with multiple family members and loved ones, it can be difficult to integrate religion, spirituality or personal wishes and preferences. Trying to plan for “exactly what our loved one would have wanted” is often extremely difficult, especially considering the different opinions involved. When there are multiple people involved in planning the details of the memorial services, it can be challenging to agree on the location, funeral music, speakers who will be giving a funeral eulogy, guests, funeral flowers, date and time, etc.

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