Jayson Blair


Jayson Blair deserves to be punished

Jayson Blair confessed on plagiarizing many of his articles in the New York Times. People knew about this but didn't know how to stop him. it wasn't until another news reporter saw a article that Blair wrote and he recognized it as his own that Blair finally confessed.

He got away with it

After Jayson confessed, he got away unpunished. A news paper that thousands read every day had false information in it and no one gets in trouble? Blair didn't even get fired, he stepped down.

He Lied to Us

Jayson said that he visited the people and places that he was writing about but that was a lie. he usually just looked up what he was covering online which may be false information. he also rarely visited people, even the ones he claimed on interviewing.

He was Hurting others

Jayson was not only lying to the public, he also lied to his friends and family. He was pushing everyone away from his life and he would not stop. This may have happened because he also suffered from a disease known as Bipolar.