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Hello there i'm here to tell you about Tucson,Arizona if you visit but don't know were to go so the first reason i'll be good is because i'll take you any were you want me to. The next reason is because i'll try my best to pay for stuff you want. So the first place i'll take you is the best hotel if you don't have no were to stay or to swim or just for free breakfast.So the directions are 6201 north oracle road Tucson,Arizona 85704 at the number is (520)-297-8111

Travel Guide

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The next place is restaurants for example Wendy's why I will take you there is because it's something real easy, simple, and fast but there is other options that was just a example were it will be is 4301 north oracle road Tucson,Arizona 85705 and the number is (520)-888-0885.Then the next place i'll take you is the U of A why is because who doesn't want to watch the wildcats there number 1! Where it's at is well I don't know were but I do know this Tucson, Arizona 85721 and you can call this number (520)-621-2211 and they should tell you were to go.The last place is the Tucson mall why i'll take you there is because we can go shop and the movies and maybe even the food court. Where it is at is 4500 north oracle road Tucson, Arizona and the number is (520)-293-7330.

Tucson Mall

Let's go shopping! Hope I helped!

By: Jisayanah