Come a celebrate with us!!!!!!!!!!!

Its Johnny Appleseed's Birthday

Happy B-day

Come on over to celebrated Johnny Appleseed's 241 years here on earth!!!!!

RSVP:832-446-2346 or


-a new shirt (he's been wearing the same shirt for years)

-more apple seeds

-high-tech wagon to travel faster

-and up to date shoes

-apple bag

Deep in the dark forest, where the apples grow.

Thursday, March 12th, 12-2pm

2301 West Nasa Boulevard

Webster, TX

We chose the park to bring back memories of Johnny Appleseed's journeys


12-12:15 Welcoming

12:15-12:45 Apple dive (diving in apples)

12:50-1:10 Bobbin for apples

1:15-1-30 Pin the stem on the apple

1:35-2:00 climbing apple trees