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February 2021

Connecting you to what's happening in East Noble School Corporation and to the information and resources parent's need...

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January was a great month in our East Noble Buildings!

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High School students, in Project Lead the Way: Engineering Essentials Class, used circuits and their programming skills to build a "Surgical Hand" that can perform certain tasks.
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Whitney Houston - Greatest Love Of All (Official Video)
Coming into the month of February, the month that is most associated with all things love, I knew that I wanted to take everyone back to the 1980's, with a little Whitney Houston.

When I think about why I do what I do, it's because, like Whitney, I believe the children are our future. I believe that as parents and educators, it is our responsibility to "teach them well" and "show them all the beauty they possess inside."

Our kids need us! Children learn from what they see and what they feel, especially from us as their parents. If we are intentional in being involved, and in reminding our children about all of the good inside of them, we can ensure our children grow and succeed in the future they deserve!

As parents we must decide what we want that future to look like and ask ourselves, what are we willing and able to do to make certain that future comes true?

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In this Edition of The Connector

What's happening in our buildings:

  • Sources of Strength
  • East Noble School Corporation Parent Groups are for parents with students in ALL grades


  • Daily Announcements for middle and high school students
  • ENSC App
  • Parent Cafes
  • #SaySomething
  • Tutoring through the Freedom Academy

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Sources of Strength has been in our middle and high school buildings for four years and is now being offered in grades 3-5 in our elementary buildings.

Spread Hope, Health, and Strength

Sources of Strength is a public health program that focuses on promoting mental health and building protective factors that increase connection, coping, resiliency, and wellness.

The mission of Sources of Strength is: to spread hope, help, and strength into every corner of our community. It believes all individuals have the ability to help when they see friends, family, or others stuck in unhealthy or life-threatening situations.

Definition of Strengths

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Tips for Strength-Based Conversations and Activities

  1. Have Fun!
  2. When hard things happen, honor and acknowledge them, and then turn towards your strengths.
  3. As the adult in your home, please share, don't overshare.
  4. Participate fully

*for more tips and activities, see the "Resources for Practicing Strengths at Home" link below.

Resources for Practicing Strengths at Home

This isn't homework, it's home-wellness. This resource guide includes activities and resources for you to use in your home, so that all members can experience health and wellness.

Have you joined the Parent Group for your child's building?

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If you are a parent or caregiver of an East Noble student, you are invited to be involved with the parent group in your student’s building.

In our district parent groups go by different names Parent Action Committee, Parent Advisory Committee, and Parent Teacher Organization, but they all serve the same purpose, to support teachers and students in their education.

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There are many benefits to joining your school's parent group. Research shows that children behave better and perform better academically when their parents are involved in what is happening at school.

In addition to your child performing well, being involved in your school's parent group allows you to meet and get to know other parents, teachers, and the principal.

10 Reasons to Join your School's Parent Group

Here are a few: #9. Kids are proud of their involved parent #7. PTO involvement improves classroom behavior #5. Students benefit academically from parent involvement in PTO #3. Be the first to know about what is happening

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Daily Announcements for ENMS and ENHS

1. Go to
2. Across the top, click on SITES
3. Choose East Noble High School or East Noble Middle School
4. Click on Menu, then choose Documents
5. You will see an option for Announcements (HS) or Daily Announcements (MS)

Download the ENSC mobile app to stay connected to all things East Noble.

View the live feed of East Noble School Corporation or individual buildings, find information about student assistance through Bowen and Northeastern Center, Health Services, Food Services, and e-learning help.

Click here for the Android app

Click here for the Apple app

Parent Cafes are a place for parents of students of ALL ages. Parent Cafes are currently meeting virtually via Facebook, but will be coming to ENSC soon.


If you see something, say something.

There are 3 ways to #SaySomething, and report suspicious behavior:

  1. Call the anonymous tip line at (260)347-5512.
  2. Report anonymously using the East Noble App.
  3. Email it directly to the buildings. This is NOT anonymous.

To report bullying or suspicious behavior anonymously:

  1. Open the East Noble App
  2. Choose your school (click on the building in the top right corner)
  3. Choose #SaySomething from the menu (click on the three lines in the top left corner)
  4. Answer questions about what you wish to report. This will be emailed to the principal, assistant principals/deans, and counselors of the building it is being reported to.

Tutoring Available

Tutoring through the Freedom Academy is now being offered at Kendallville's Community Learning Center.

For more information or to get started:

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