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Volume 8: September 20, 2020

The Path to Peace

Dear GMA School Family,

Just breathe! As the brisk air rustles the leaves outside, please take a moment to replenish and refuel your spirit with nature’s refreshing energy. This school year is unusual, filled with many unexpected twists and turns. As we traverse this new terrain together, I am so grateful for all of you, holding on so tight, and hanging onto one another as we grow together on our personalized paths to peace.

This week’s theme is breathing and believing. I believe in every one of our students, and I wholeheartedly “beleave” in each staff member and the collective strength of our GMA school family. We need each and every one of you, and we are so grateful and appreciative of YOU! If you have not yet done so and would like to do so, please consider joining a GMA committee: Growing Together Committee Sign-ups

This past week, we celebrated many student and class joys. Music to our ears, was the first sounds of our school band! Words danced across the pages as our writers grew in ideas, character development, and voice. We also witnessed individual student goals and whole class goals met. And, whether they were behaviorally, academically, or social-emotionally, these accomplished goals reminded us that real change, enduring change, is collaborative, so beautiful, and takes place one step at a time.

Tomorrow, September 21, we will be celebrating International Peace Day, bringing Maria Montessori’s ultimate vision to life! We encourage everyone to wear white or natural colors. We also would love for you to share your home language for the verse, “May peace prevail on earth.” If you would like to videotape the message or teach your child the verse, please share with your child’s teacher. Student made Pinwheels for Peace will spin and proclaim Montessori's mission, revolving their messages and visions of peace.

As we grow together on our paths to peace, promoting Montessori's core principles of love, kindness, and solidarity, may we all grow in reverence, compassion, and respect for one another and our wondrous world; peace be with you.


Cindy Schuler

Executive Director

Geist Montessori Academy

(317) 813-4626

Of all things, love is the most potent.

-Maria Montessori

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Music to our ears! Our Noteworthy Band

Dates to remember

Upcoming Events

9/21 Peace Day

9/30 Super Hero Run

10/7 Fall Concert, 7 p.m.

10/12 Picture Day

10/20 School Board Meeting

10/22-23 Fall Break

sunshine spreaders!

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We love Celebrating this week's sunshine spreaders:






Pictured below: MADISON GATCH

Be the Sunshine!

Be the Sunshine!

Who is your sunshine? How do you brighten someone else’s day?

At Geist Montessori Academy, our mission is to empower children to be the best that they can be by maintaining a stimulating and prepared environment that fosters independence, concentration, curiosity, kindness, community, and the lifelong love of learning. We believe that we are better together: an inclusive school family that embraces peace, and respects self and others. Collectively, we aim to continually grow and are committed to challenging students to become collaborative problem solvers who are compassionate contributors to our wondrous world.

Each week, staff members are celebrating the sunny students who embody GMA’s mission statement. These children go out of their way to help others, show kindness, and build up our school community. They strive to be the positive rays, lighting the path, and bringing out the best in self and others.

Developing Characters and Growing as Writers

Changing Colors

As the leaves change, so too, do the seasons of our lives. Likewise, our GMA family is changing. Please help give a warm welcome to some new members who have joined our journey! Though we are sad to see Ms. Noelle leave, we are thrilled to welcome Sarah Lewis as our new Humanities teacher for middle school. She is a dynamic educator, able to provoke higher level thinking and engagement. Along with this, we are ecstatic to have Ms. Mare join us onsite as our middle school lead STEM teacher, replacing Ms. Cait. She brings seven years’ Montessori experience and such a peaceful presence that soothes all souls. Ms. Shari will now be leading the online role, and the beautiful colors of these recent changes will soon be seen by all.

Meet Ms. Sarah

Hello, Geist Montessori Family!

My name is Sarah Lewis and this is my first year teaching seventh and eighth grade at GMA. I am thrilled to be joining such a welcoming community of learners! I hold B.A.s in film studies and criminal justice from Rhode Island College, as well as a Master’s in Cultural Studies from Bowling Green State University. I come to you with a unique professional background. I spent years in the corporate world developing research methods for a market research firm and also developed an e-commerce platform for an international distribution company. My classroom experience started with teaching cultural studies as an adjunct professor. I have been working for the HSE district for the past three years and am excited to continue my journey with GMA.

I am originally from Rhode Island and now I live in Fishers with my husband, Mike, our three kiddos, Rooney, Callahan, and Granger, and our dog, Hume. Rooney and Callahan are already part of the GMA family as second and third grade students and Granger will be joining the GMA family next year! I am a voracious reader, a published author, a Broadway fan, and love playing board games and video games. My kids and I also enjoy adventuring in the arts of Lego building, robots, and baking.

Busy at work!

new cdc guidance on face coverings

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Pre-K sets the foundation at GMA!

Growing together in our learning!

It's time to fly in the fun! It's GMA's Super hero Run!

Dear GMA Family:

As most of you know our Superhero event is typically held in person. However, due to unforeseen circumstances with COVID we are keeping safety a priority. Each child will make their own personal pledge this year to support each other while staying healthy!

Our goal is to keep everyone safe and hope next school year we will have a fantastic in person Superhero Run! Virtual and in person students are all encouraged to dress up as superhero characters or real live people, such as doctors, nurses and teachers, as they are all heroes during this pandemic. The students may dress up on Wednesday, September 30th!

This year we are asking families to send their pledges electronically to keep everyone safe. You may send in a check to school labeled PTO or use Paypal. This information will be found on the second page of the Superhero Pledge Sheet. We prefer donations to be completed by September 30th, so we can plan our future events. However, donations may be sent year round.

Any questions please reach out to Jessica Gray (VP Fundraising):



preparing our environment: Students learn practical life skills to help organize and prepare their space

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A visit with our virtual friends: so good to see our virtual learners onsite for NWEA

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building a strong foundation: the Montessori Way

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GMA School Calendar

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Virtual or LIve, GMA always thrives!

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GMA's Sensational School Board!

Our sincere appreciation is extended to our amazing school board for their service to GMA!

President: Uriah Ellis

Secretary: Lacey Willard

Treasurer: Andrew Cavallaro

Members at Large: Karen Swan and Mark Clark

Meeting Dates: October 20, 2020 (*Pending Fall Break calendar), December 15, 2020, February 16, 2021, April 20, 2021, June 15, 2021

*All Meetings begin at 5:30 pm and are open to the public. Meetings will be held at the physical school location or virtually, as needed.

We look forward to our continued partnership, as we grow together for the better!

"Children of the World" Virtual Choir

Children of the World, featuring GMA students!!!

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Meet our incredible School Family staff members: Enjoy Photos and Letters

Please enjoy this special edition newsletter, filled with letters and photos from our 2020-2021 staff members.

Meet our 2020.2021 Staff Members

We are so excited to grow together for the better!

Meet Geist Montessori Academy's Executive Director: Cindy Schuler

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