4th Grade Curriculum Update #4


Curriculum Updates

Please see the information below regarding the topics we are covering. We look forward to sharing updates with you throughout the school year!


Ms. Rossman, Mrs. Goldsmith and Miss Langer

ELA: Reading

During Reading, students have recently begun Unit 2, Module B of ReadyGEN. Students are currently reading The Longest Night. Students will also read "Northwest Coast Peoples", and Three Native Nations. The 4th graders will continue to explore the theme of Unit 2, which is Interactions in Nature and Culture. During this unit the fourth grade students will understand the importance of stating and supporting opinions in both literary and informational texts. In addition, they will learn and understand how interactions among communities affect culture and people.

Foundational Skills:

During Word Analysis, students will focus on the following concepts:

  • Words from Latin

  • Greek Roots

  • Related Words

  • Latin Roots struct, scrib, scrip

ELA: Writing

Writing Focus:

During writing, students will focus on opinion writing. They will write introduce the topic and state their opinion, then provide reasons for their opinion and use text evidence to support them, and provide a conclusion that restates their opinion. To demonstrate their cumulative understanding, students will think about the various Native American cultures they read

about and then write an opinion essay explaining in which group they

would have liked to grow up.


  • Use capitalization correctly, including titles
  • Correctly punctuate dialogue
  • Creating compound sentences with correct use of commas and coordinating conjunctions
  • Use spell check to spell correctly

Math & Number Corner


In Unit 4, Addition, Subtraction, and Measurement, students will:

  • Compare multi-digit numbers and identify the value of the digits in such numbers
  • Use the standard algorithms for addition and subtraction
  • Measure length, distance, liquid volume, time, mass, and weight
  • Convert measurements from one unit to another within the same system (e.g., centimeters to meters but not centimeters to inches)
Please check out the Parent Letter linked here for visual examples of models your child will be using throughout this unit. In addition, your child has this handbook in their bring back folder for references throughout this unit.

Number Corner:

This month, students will learn and practice division strategies and consider division situations. In addition, they will look at geometric shaping and scaling. Finally, students will collect (paper) quarters and track the growing collecting using decimals and fractional parts of a dollar.


Students will continue to learn about the 50 states and how the U.S. is divided into 5 regions. Students will begin to learn about immigration to America through Ellis Island during the late 1800s to early 1900s. During read aloud, we will read Letters From Rivka. In addition, we will read various articles and texts to understand why people immigrated and the struggles they faced.


Second Step:

  • Lesson 9: Showing Compassion
  • Lesson 10: Introducing Emotional Management
  • Lesson 11: Managing Strong Emotions

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