French Broad River Basin

Tyrone Johnson and Jenna Brooks

Info on The French Broad River Basin

Headwaters- spills from a 50 foot waterfall in Transylvania County, known as Court House Falls in Rosman.

Mouth- Tennessee River in Knoxville, Tennessee.

The French Broad has 4,136 miles of streams and rivers.

Population- 392,906 people (2000).

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Important Places

The Great Smoky Mountains

Appalachian Mountains, French Broad River State Trail

Del Rio

Mountain Trail Outdoor School

Non-Point Sources

1. Apple orchards, croplands for corn, tomatoes, and burley tobacco are around the banks of the mid and lower tributaries of the French Broad.

2. Daily operations and urban development

These two non-point source pollutants include fertilizers, pesticides, oil, heavy metals, animal waste, and eroded sediments.

Point Sources

1. Waste from dogs that go on walks with their owners. This washes waste into the river.

2. Duke Energy owns a 376-megawatt coal burning power plant on the banks of the French Broad River Basin, allowing coal ash into the river.

Solutions to Pollution


Try to use more environmental-friendly chemicals and fertilizers


Set rules or limits for pet owners to take care of their pet's waste.

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