New Time Fact's

March 5, 2015

Child's Dirty Work

The industrial revolution was mainly about the fundamental changes in agriculture. It was also about the transportation, and the manufacturing. Speaking about manufacturing the kids had to work at the age of 5 and older they would work for about 10 to 14 hours a day before going home. The kids that worked at that time was not afraid to get dirty. THe girls could work to but they had to be cooks of had to work on a cotton gen. It was in 1876 - 1900 that congress learned the page, the United States emerged as an industrial giant.

The children working in rural areas were not faring much better at all. Children had to Harvesting crops in very extreme temperatures for very long hours this was normal for some of the kids. The kids knew that is was very dangerous for them to work in factories and some of them got killed. Kids knew that the machinery was very fast and one ronge mistake could lead to a finger,or arms, legs even death to them if they did one ronge mistake. After a while the country was getting tired and set a minimum working age

The steam engine

The steam engine was invented by James Watt. He invented it in 1775. The steam engine was made for harvesting the energy of steam to move machinery. It was a very clean energy source of energy The steam engine was to move local steamships. The steam engine was central to the industrial revolution. The steam engine was manly was used for transportation and transferring other people by water. The steam engine was a very helpful source in the industrial revolution. The steam engine was not only used for boats be for Mobil. The steam engine was also used for pumping water out of mines. The Spaniards was the first to build the steam engine. America sent spies to look at the invention and go back and give all the details to the Americans.

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The help of the technology in the industrial revolution was fantastic. I think that the help from the children was a very big help because the children would be more helpful and the parents were so happy