The H2O Cycle

pollutants in the water cycle


Water is a non-renewable source that we need in order to survive. But if water is non- renewable, how come it rains? This is because of the cycle the water is in. Like the life cycle, all water or liquid on earth goes through a cycle. When the cycle is finished, the water is evenly distributed throughout the ecosystem (plants, lakes, etc). But if something dangerous enters the cycle, it will also damage the ecosystem, because whatever the water will touch it will touch. One of these dangerous things could be pollution, which could cause acid rain, and like its name, it is high amount of acid in a rain droplet that will fall back to the earth. Another thing could be even pesticides or herbicides that could enter the cycle and damage our ecosystem. This water cycle is caused by the heat from within the sun. The sun's rays hit Earth, which eventually triggers a natural progress that the water goes through and we call this a hydrological or water cycle. We need to protect this water cycle and prevent any dangerous chemical from entering in it.


It is important to take care of our ecosystem and environment. The water cycle or hydrological cycle is a key factor for proper distribution of the water. If something is to enter in the cycle, it affects everybody. We must not let any contaminant in the cycle, for it will only harm us in return. Acid rain will only damage the nature, not preserve it ,or help us in any way. Pesticides and herbicides will also come back to harm us, rather then to help us. We have a limited amount of water that is safe for our daily use and survival. With the population of the world growing, and more and more water is being polluted, it is important to save and preserve our fresh water. We need to make sure that our future generation has safe clean fresh water for their survival and daily use. Remember, take care of the earth and it'll take care of you.