Cathrine the great

Empress of Russia May 2, 1729-November 17, 1796

Cathrine the great was a GREAT ruler

Sexually Insatiable, Ruthless, Ambitions, hard work, courage, intelligence, and logic were all things Catherine had while in rule in Russia.haveing power she had almost all the things the other kings and queens wanted.


The medical scourge of the age of smallpox Catherine heard of a new inoculation treatments in England, the doctor dr. Tomas from Scotland had an inculcation so Catherine paid him to inculcation her son and her later grand son by 1780 more than 20,000 Russians were inoculation, by 1800 more than 2 million Russians and 1 million England's followed Catherine in inculcation.

How did Catherine the great die

everyone thought around the time of Catherine's death and various rumors were spread saying Catherine died on her toilet while committing a sex act with a horse, but it's a myth the Russians spread around, it was the "talk" of Russia at that time period.