Persuasive Smore

Should student have to wear uniforms.


Waring uniforms don't allow students to express themselves in a unique and special way.

Reason 1

Students should'nt have to wear uniforms because it doesn't allow them the opportunity to express themselves. They wouldn't be unique and have their own style of dress.

Reason 2

Young people don't like wearing uniforms because they think that they are uncomfortable to wear. If the rules say that girls have to wear dresses and boys have to wear pants some girls may feel uncomfortable showing their legs. Some girls may have ugly scars or birth marks on their legs. The boys might not like the way the pants fit or feel.

Reason 3

The uniforms also create bullying. Bullying occurs whether students wear uniforms or not. When students wear uniforms they get embarrased because people are pointing and saying "what are you wearing". Studernts, and teens should be able to develop self-expression and their own personal identity.

Reason 4

The push for students to wear uniforms to improve behavior lacks validity and seems ill-advised for a democratic public school system. Today's school uniforms seem more to be more of a punitive measure meant to deny students their right to freedom of expression and individuality.

Reason 5

We want to encourage the students to be expressive and to think outside the box. Forcing them to wear ugly gray sweater vests and starched white shirts is not the way to do that.