Stop Smoking/Using Tobacco Products

Why You Shouldn't Use Tobacco Products.

There are many reasons why you shouldn't use Tobacco Products.

Unless you want to get high risks of getting illnesses I suggests you don't try any Tobacco Products (Or stop using them).

Tobacco Products have many harmful things or "Ingredients" in them. Here are some list of things that Tobacco Products have:

- Tar (Used for roads)

- Dish Soap

- Poison

- Carbon Monoxide (A colorless poisonous gas)

- Nicotine (Get's you addictive)

- Lead (Used in pencils and batteries)

The list goes on, there are over 500 things in Tobacco products that you wouldn't want in your body!

Health Problems

You can get many health problems by using Tobacco Product such as:

- Strokes

- Heart Disease

- Cancer

- Throat Cancer

- Heart Attacks

- Brain Damage

- Lung Cancer

The list goes on for this to as well! If you don't want any of those then it's simple just don't do it or quit doing it!

Think About The People Around You

If you're a smoking and have a child I suggest you think twice about smoking, especially around your child. Did you know that they will have a higher chance of getting cancer just by living with smokers? They don't even have to smoke or use Tobacco Products they get it by Secondhand Smoking. this is when they end up inhaling the smoke that the smoker produces from the Tobacco Product. I would think about this more carefully if I were you.

How To Quit Smoking

Try to set a date on when your last smoke will be, later on try to not be stressed. The more stressed you are the more you'll want that feeling to start smoking again. Try going to a doctor talking to them about Nicotine Gum It helps the process to quit smoking. It's a substitute that can help for your craving. Keep on trying and trying you are one step closing to quitting with every effort you put into it!

Refusal Skills

If you don't smoking don't be afraid to say no!

Just try to be polite about it when someone offers you a Cigarette or anything that has to do with Tobacco. It's not like they'll get mad at you also try to avoid friends or people who smoke you'll get involved with peer pressure so don't let that get to you! You have rights and don't let people take advantage of it.

I Hope this helps! I tried making this all from memory so I didn't get any of this information from a website. Simply by just paying attention in Health and Memories of my past Health Classes. (: