by Olivia

My Career

I want to be a vet when I grow up so I can help animals and so I can be with animals.

There are colleges in CT that have good vet programs. Also, there are many good

colleges in Mississippi too.I want to become a house pets vet although there are

different types of vets such as : Livestock vet, wildlife vet, marine vet, zoo vets, lab

animal vet, government vet, mixed practice vet and exotic vet. I think I would be a

good vet because I know how to calm animals by putting them in a cage with a treat

and put a blanket over the sun openings and let them sleep, and calm down. In order

to become a vet, you must do well in school, and not just in science- in all subjects

too. Then, you attend good collages and then either start your own career or get hired

and then your all set!

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