Math Recovery

A Year of Small Steps - Weeks 7-9

Distancing the setting & Differentiating with Dice

Distancing the setting is described on page 9 of the purple book as making the instructional choice to having materials at hand and in view to flashing images or screening items in order to move the student towards being able to visualize the quantities on their own. We can follow the same pattern with dice by offering two traditional dot dice (visible materials) to offering one dot die and one numeral die (partially screened) and eventually using two numeral dice (fully screened).

Numeral range is another potential way to differentiate by using traditional 1-6 dice, over even creating a 0-5 die with a blank die from the AVMR kit, and then challenging students as they progress with a 10-sided or 20-sided dice. Activity IA3.8 on p.47 offers a great way to practice ordering numbers using dice.

Activity IA4.9 on p.67 could be adapted to have students roll a die, 6 sided or 10 sided, and then create a collection of small objects matching the number rolled. The small objects could be anything you have on hand, snap cubes, crayons, paper clips, or raid your dollar store for some colorful plastic bugs.

Need some quiet foam dot or number dice like those seen in the picture? Oakland County teachers can email me to have some sent out right away Please participate in the 1 question survey linked below so we know if this type implementation support is useful to you.

Math Recovery Oakland Schools

Dana is leading a cohort of MRIS, Math Recovery Intervention Specialists, this school year and continuing to expand the list of Math Recovery courses Oakland Schools can offer. To contact Dana, or call her at 248-209-2328.

Shawna has a link with open time slots for building and classroom visits. Once you sign up for a time slot, you will receive confirmation email and request for a little information about your priorities for the time together: individual students, whole/small group instruction, targeted intervention, data & assessment, or "name your own" focus. You can call her at 248-209-2051.