Escaping the Giant Wave

By: Regan Wright

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When Kyle, BeeBee, and Daren's Hotel catches on fire and their all on the third floor They have to try to get out. Then a tsunami is suppose to hit, Kyle and BeeBee run but Daren stays at the beach.


The characters in the fiction book Escaping the Giant Wave are Kyle who is the big brother of BeeBee. Also there is Kyle and BeeBee's neighbor Daren.


Kyle and BeeBee went to Oregon for a trip because their dad had a business reunion.

Daren who's mom and dad both work with Kyle's dad went along as well.


Kyle, BeeBee, and Daren's hotel catches on fire and they need to get out before a tsunami hits the entire village. After they get out they head up a hill out of the tsunami, but Daren refuses to go with them and so he stays on the beach.


Kyle and BeeBee are in the hotel by themselves When an earthquake hits the village. Their parents aren't there because they're on a boat in the middle of the ocean. When the earthquakes ends They open the room door and find out the hall is on fire. After they get out of the hotel they remember that after an earthquake a tsunami will hit in less then 20 minutes. When they head uphill to safety Daren who escaped the hotel with them rejects the offer of coming with them and says he's staying at the beach. When the tsunami hits BeeBee and Kyle are safe, But they wonder if Daren is okay.