Nepal Earthquake

The quake that shook thousands

What was the Damage?

The Nepal earthquake was traumatic and caused a large amount of damage. Many people were killed or severely injured. There were over 8,000 casualtys and 1,400 people injured (Jazeera). Hospitals are overcrowded and the age range of people in them is ages 10-70 (Basu). Some homes in Nepal are being reconstructed but many are still uninhabitable (Jazeera). Some buildings collapsed and still haven't been dug out (Ravitz).

Where was the Earthquake?

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There were two major earthquakesthat took place only weeks apart and many smaller aftershocks. The major earthquakes were from 8-7 on the Rictor scale and caused major damage. The first quake caused many casualtys The other quakes were just what's called aftershock. AftershockS are smaller earthquakes that take place after large earthquakes in the same general area.

How can we Help?

My main question when researching The Nepal earthquake was how can we help the victims. They were faced with a major natural disaster and need help recovering. I began to research ways that I could help. I came up with a list of ways people like me could get involved.

  • Donate through charity's.
  • Send supplies over seas.
  • Supply money/income for a nurse to fly over seas.
  • Fund foundations helping to reconstruct buildings.

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My Opinion

My opinion is that obviously this is a huge and devastating issue that shouldn't be taken lightly. My topic is a bit more serious but also should be discussed. I choice this topic because I felt we needed to try and help. In my opinion the people who have money and everything they need to go about their everyday life should take ten seconds of their day to donate or even just spread awareness.

Most people don't realise the seriousness of the situation, earthquakes happen everywhere and could even happen in your own town. It is important to help out others in need because that could be you.