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Good and Bad Job Interview

In the good interview, the interviewee dressed professionally, he demonstrated good body language, and he used the proper language. In the bad interview he wore the wrong clothes, he didn't have good body language, and he talked as if he didn't careto be there.
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3 Do's in a Job Interview

3 Don'ts in a Job Interview

Job Decription for High School History Teacher

High school history teachers are primarily responsible for helping students obtain a general knowledge of historical events. In addition, they are responsible for assisting students in either entering the job market or college after they graduate. A high school history teacher must have excellent communication skills in order to excel in their profession.

In addition to interacting with students, these professionals will need to communicate with parents, school administrators and coworkers on a regular basis. You should also be able to adapt the way that you deliver course content in order to meet the needs of individual students. You should be able to interact with students who come from a variety of different backgrounds and possess different learning abilities. High school history teachers should also have at least basic computer skills.

High school history teachers may work in either public or private schools. They are often responsible for preparing students for standardized exams. In addition to teaching classes, they are often involved in developing lesson plans. These teachers are also responsible for a number of administrative tasks. They must produce and grade homework, meet with parents to discuss how students are progressing and assign course grades. In addition, they need to meet with school administrators on a regular basis in order to discuss the curriculum, issues that they may be facing and their overall performance.

Teachers are also responsible for developing and implementing lessons that allow students to easily understand the material covered. You may use documentaries and visual aids that illustrate concepts that you are trying to convey to students. In addition, high school history teachers often use re-enactments, debates, lectures, discussions, tests, assignments and readings in the course of delivering their lessons. Teachers usually follow a state curriculum, but they must develop their own exams and assignments.

High school history teachers may also have duties that include supervising students during lunch periods. History teachers generally work about 40 hours per week, and many of them enjoy long vacations when school is not in session during the summer. In addition, they get a number of vacation days over the course of the year. History teachers who work in public schools earn about $38,000 per year on average