Bill of Rights

Bryanna Altwein, U.S.History, period 1

bill1:Freedom of speech, religion, press

So,its mainly talking about peoples freedom from the government.


court case: Tinker v.s.DesMoines

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bill2: right to bear arms

you are aloud to have your on weapon in your house.

amendment :2

court case:district of columbia v.s. heller

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Quartering act.:bill 3

soldiers are not aloud in homes with out the owners "YES".


court case:Georgia v.s. Randolph

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bill 4:Reason for search warrant

the police have to have a good say in why they want to come in to the house.

amendment: 10

court case: u.s.

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bill 5:fair trial

the governments not aloud to take anything from you with out the fair trial.

amendment : 6

court case: Gideon v.s. wainwright

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bill 6: right of any lawyer

if you do a crime you have a right to have a fast trial.
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bill 7: freedom of civil case

that means you have the right to a civil case.
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bill 8: freedom of bail

it means to have a serten amount of money to get a person out.
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bill 9:laws you have

you have right that the government cant take away.
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bill 10: state power

the state has the power in your rights.
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