World War II

By Susan E Hamen Published: 2014 Biases: Allies

Want to Know what happened?

It starts with a peaceful day at pearl harbor, where the pacific U.S. fleet (not counting our carriers and small ships) was stationed. Then out of nowhere, bombers of the Japanese air battalion rain all kinds of fire on the warships. One thing was for certain, we were at war.

Soon Italian and German forces begin to invade European countries. hundreds of young men die every day. Over time we retook Europe and won, but the Japanese still remained, so, sadly, we had to use an atomic bomb, and they conceded.

Outline of 10 Key events

1 The bombing of Pearl Harbor. -1941

2 Counter bombing Tokyo. - 1941

3 Declaring war on Germany and Italy. -1941

4 Retaking Northern Africa. - 1943

5 Invading Italy. -1943

6 Storming Normandy.- 1944

7 Retaking France.-1944

8 Russia joins the Allies.-1945

9 Defeating Germany-1945

10 Japan Surrenders.-1945

Why is this Here.

This document is a historical record of a broad spectrum of World War II. This was a very reliable source and a factual on at that. Though it didn't have quote's, I looked them up online. But it was a basic summary of the major events in the wars history.

Why Its so Important...

It is important to learn from these wars to prevent them. This document was made to inform all those whose were interested to educate them on what happened. This is one of many sources out there to find and read.