Its the only way to be!

What is P.R.I.D.E?

P.R.I.D.E is the Marietta High School motto which stands for Prepared, Respectful, Intentional, Diligent, and Engaged. Committing oneself to P.R.I.D.E will ensure good behavior, as well as success among students and their peers.

what if?

But how much does a motto actually matter? How much does being reminded of values on a daily basis affect you? Well for the certain person i had interviewed, a motto like P.R.I.D.E could've forever stopped him from constantly asking himself, "what if?". However, this person is to remain anonymous, because of his strong opinions on the importance of showing engagement within your school, and being considerate of your school motto. This person is a Marietta High School dropout, and he has given me quite the speech.

The interview.

This interview (if you can even call it an interview) is very straight forward, yet is still rich in meaning. This is what he had to say about MHS P.R.I.D.E .

"I don't think my mind was ever set on my school work or personal values. I thought the idea of staying engaged in school was unnecessary, and that i would find a way to make it to the top on my own, staying apathetic of the training school offered me. I still wish i could go back to the beginning and give it my best again. Every now and then, I still ask myself "what if?". I feel like I've been asking myself "what if?" for over 7 years now. Im not saying my life isn't enjoyable, because it is. I just have glimpses of how fast I was thrown into the outside world, full of work, dealing with people that made life miserable, and just being alone in the working world without any training or preparation, The preparation school had to offer me. Dropping out of high school was probably the most regretful decision I've ever made. With a motto like P.R.I.D.E, i think i would've made a better decision. But looking at my bills every month makes me realize thats whats done is done."