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PR Families,

Good morning PR Families!

Happy Belated Mother's Day!

We sincerely appreciate all the kind notes, videos, and more last week! Thank you for acknowledging the efforts of our team. It means so much to us!

Build a fort inside or outside of your house! Take a pic with it and send it to Mrs. James at


  • FHPS Elementary Principals' response to the Remote Learning Family Survey below.
  • Time to order school supplies for next year, see below!
  • Ranger Ticket Video below.
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  • More books and chapters have been added to my Loom folders below. I will also add them to Mrs. Zietz's Google Classroom.
  • Don't forget to visit the Counselor's Corner below. Kathy Wittland adds new strategies each week for the social and emotional support of all kids.

Video - Ranger Tickets Winners for May 8!

Order School Supplies Now For the Fall!

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The PTO is continuing to partner with 1st Day School Supplies if you would like the option of pre-ordering your student’s school supplies. These supply boxes are delivered directly to your student’s classroom and include the exact items requested by teachers. Save yourself the time and risk of shopping this summer!
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Mrs. Wittland's Virtual Check In

Kids can fill this out or with the help of parents complete this form.

May 11, 2020

Hello Pine Ridge Families,

In previous newsletters, I have written about feelings/emotions. We are all dealing with many mixed emotions these days. I am hearing that some of our students and families are dealing more often with anger and frustration with all of the changes due to remote learning. We do understand that this is such a difficult adjustment. Please know that our staff will be available to help you if your child is struggling.

About a week ago, I was talking to a student who told me about a frustrating experience they had with an assignment given by one of the teachers. After this student threw a tantrum over not wanting to do the assignment, they went back to the assignment later and completed it very easily. The student told me this story to share that they had learned an important lesson. If they had just calmed down and gotten the work done when they got the assignment, a lot of frustration and hurt feelings would have been avoided.

I am attaching some information below that I hope will be helpful for your child if they are feeling frustrated. When frustration starts to build, remind your child of the following steps that we have talked about in our lessons.

  1. STOP and THINK!

  2. Name Your Feeling (example: “I am so angry!”)

  3. Calm Down

Calm Down Strategies:

-Scribble on paper and then rip it up

-Write down your feelings in a journal

-Draw a picture of how you are feeling

-Chew gum

-Do jumping jacks, wall push-ups, or take a walk

-Listen to calming music

-Talk to a safe adult

-Blow up a balloon

-Belly breathing/Pretzel breathing/Figure 8 breathing/Five-finger breathing (choose one that works for you!)

- Walk away

-Use positive self-talk (example: “I can do this! I better walk away before I do something or say something I will regret later.”

-Cuddle with your pet

-Read a favorite book

-Work on a project, like a puzzle or Legos

-Ask for a hug

-Sing the alphabet, or count forward or backward

Videos for Students:

Big Problems and Small Problems (K thru 2nd Grade)

Size of the Problem (3rd thru 5th Grade)

I hope that this will be useful information for you. Please let your child’s teacher, Mrs. James, or me know if there are more ways that we can support you through this time.


Kathy Wittland

Pine Ridge School Counselor

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4th Grade Fun

Whenever it is safe, we will have our traditional 4th-grade Noodle Ceremony!

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Food Service Update:

  • Free meal distribution for children ages 18 and under continues on Tuesdays and Fridays from 11a-1p at FHN and FHC. Children do not need to be in the vehicle to receive free meals.
  • If your financial status has recently changed due to COVID-19, you may temporarily qualify for free or reduced-price meals for the first 30 days of the new school year. Visit to fill out a confidential application. (This will also qualify you to receive the P-EBT benefits described below.)
  • Pandemic Electronic Benefits Transaction (P-EBT) Program - Families on the free or reduced-price meal program will receive extra funds on their EBT card for each child in their household ages 5-18.
    • March & April benefits - $193.80 per eligible child will be loaded on the EBT card by the end of April.
    • May & June benefits - $182.40 per eligible child will be loaded on the EBT card at a later date.
    • If you don't currently receive food assistance benefits, a pre-loaded card will be mailed to you. Benefits for all eligible children will be loaded onto one card.

Links to Books Read Aloud by Mrs. James - Updated

Previous Newsletters

Wifi Access For All Buildings in FHPS

On the COVID page of the district's website, maps have been added under the quick links section that indicates the best parking lot location at each building for student access to WiFi. Each map includes a black box containing the words "WiFi Access." This is the best area for students to access WiFi for instructional purposes.
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Kindergarten Kick-Off POSTPONED

Kindergarten Kick-off - Kindergarten kick-off meetings scheduled for this spring are postponed. Families may continue to register for kindergarten for the 2020-21 school year. Additional information will be forthcoming for families with an incoming kindergartner.

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