May 7, 2015


Fig. 19C/Fig. 19D I will make inferences about text and use textual evidence to support understanding.

I will use text details and background knowledge to draw conclusions and make generalizations.

Academic Vocabulary

Inference - a conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning.

Schema - background knowledge

Anchor Charts

What is inferencing?

Inferring: Making a logical guess or "reading between the lines".

Think about what you already know and come up with questions.

Listen/read for clues such as: supporting details, vocabulary, character's actions, descriptions, and/or dialogue.

Take a guess.




Open your ThingLink app on your Ipad.

Each of you will be assigned a number. Depending on what number I assign to you, that will be your question.

Who Am I? I'm not famous or from a story. I'm an ordinary person.

1. I had finally gotten used to being weightless. It became a comfortable feeling. I especially liked floating by the window to see the planet Earth below.

2. My father did not like to wear his crown. He said it was heavy and made his head hurt. While I did not have a crown, my parents made sure I had a silk dress with gold thread to wear for the coronation.

3. The crowd began to roar as I made a few practice swings with the bat. The umpire called to me sharply to hurry. I was not in any hurry to face the most famous pitcher in history.

4. I often work in the early morning when the light is best. The canvas has had time to dry overnight. When I start, I make sure all of my brushes are clean.

5. I liked walking next to the covered wagon more than riding in it with my sisters. If I got tired, sometimes my father would let me ride horseback behind him. In the evening, Pa, my brothers and I would sleep under the wagon, while Ma and my sisters slept in the wagon. I hoped we would reach the West soon.

Using your ThingLink app, create the answer to your question. Upload an image based on your answer, then add as much information as possible about your answer. Please add what clues and background knowledge helped you with your inference. Add images, videos, and or information (text). Be ready to present to your classmates.