Vivan Vovan


airfare cost and schedule

With the United Airlines my plane ticket is at a price of $1925 per person for a ticket, so the total is $3902 for 2 adults (economy class cost).

I depart (Take off) Wednesday April 16, at 12:30pm, and arrive Thursday, April 17 at 3:25pm, and return Wednesday, April 30, at 5:00pm and arrive in Denver Wednesday at 12:50pm. I will most likely have to bring about another $7000 for my hotel cost,souvenirs, food, and other activities.,nearby/2014-04-16/2014-04-30/2adults


At The Prince Sakura Tokyo Tower Autograph Collection Hotel, rated 4 stars,with a price of $317 a day,there are many wonderful things at the hotel that fit the standards of what I'm looking for. First of all, the magnificent garden. I like to take calm relaxing walks, and the wonderful garden makes it perfect. Beautiful pink cherry blossom trees and healthy, full, green trees are surrounding me, and as a bonus, a koi pond. I know I'm safe because I'm not the only one taking a stroll, and the garden is blocked off, so only people who are in the hotel are able to access the garden. Not only is there a wonderful garden, but it is very convenient, with the airport close by as well as the train station. Just what i'm looking for! There are also large bedrooms, showers, and a large swimming pool as well! It's air conditioned, has good parking, and most importantly, has good wifi, can't go traveling without the internet! I also looked at tripadvisor, and they have the same price per day for this hotel as well. Since I am staying for 14 days, I will have to bring $4438 to pay for the room, as well as another couple hundred to pay for food during the whole trip.,Japan-c21033/2014-04-16/2014-04-30/2guests


There are many activities that you could do in Japan, but the first thing to do is to go to the Tokyo Disney Resort. It has castles, rides, hotels, trains, boats, anything someone could think of that Disney land would have. What would be more impressive than going to a Disney land In a different country! It cost $62.63 or ¥6,400 per adult for the 1 day passport.

Also it would be really cool to go to the Tokyo Tower. A beautiful tower that lights up different ways, according to the season and time of year. It looks similar to the Eiffel Tower in France, and is an attractive display in Japan's night sky. Once I went up, there was a cafe where I enjoyed the stunning view and had a nice cup of coffee. The price is also incredible, it's only $13.84 or 1420 yen per adult. It's affordable and worth the price.

I will most likely have to bring about another $1000 to pay for the activities and souvenirs.

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

There are many different situations that could happen when you are traveling in Japan.To start, the language. I don't speak Japanese and many others who travel to Japan don't either. Because I don't speak this language, it is difficult to order food, reserve at a hotel, order from room service, and many other things. In order to be able to ask someone something, or understand something someone says, I should either hire a translator, get google translate on my phone or other device, or bring a small dictionary.

Also,items could be stolen, you lost an important object, or something could happen to you, like you broke a leg, or some sort of accident happened. In Tokyo, there are lots of people that walk around the city, so there is a chance that you could be pick pocketed. it could be something very important that you lost, for example a computer or some sort of technology. You could also be hiking and fall and break a bone. In order to be able to pay for all the things lost, or cover up damage that's happened, it is probably a good idea to get travel insurance.


There are many different places to go to, but Japan was the country I chose as my destination. Most Airlines had stops in Canada, but I chose United Airlines because it was a non-stop flight to Tokyo, Japan. I reserved at a gorgeous hotel that had a wonderful garden. I traveled from place to place on public and private transport. I had lots of fun at the Tokyo Disney Resort and had an amazing experience at the Tokyo Tower. There aren't many concerns of being in Japan, but I still have to be cautious. Overall, the experience was amazing.